Loco Mofos is a unique culinary and nightlife destination situated in the heart of Austin, TX.
By day, it tantalizes taste buds with its authentic Argentinian cuisine, offering a fusion of flavors that ignite the senses. As the sun sets, the venue transforms, evolving into a dynamic and eccentric nightclub experience. Infused with the spirit of Argentina and the vibrant energy of Austin's legendary music scene, Loco Mofos pulsates with electrifying beats, enticing libations, and an atmosphere that invites revelers to dance the night away. It's the perfect blend of culinary excellence and lively entertainment, where every visit promises an unforgettable adventure.
Introducing the charismatic mascot and icon of our establishment: Rico from Loco Mofos. Hand-drawn with meticulous detail and brought to life in digital form, Rico graces our Instagram-worthy mural as the centerpiece. His presence extends beyond, subtly sprinkled throughout various artworks, adding delightful surprises that contribute to the overall ambiance and continuity of our venue.
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